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The Questionable Decision-Making Process Behind SA’s Lockdown Rules

As we get closer to the hopeful downgrade (or should I say upgrade?) to Level three of the Lockdown in South Africa, we are still left in a state of general confusion. While the vast majority of us supported the decision to go into a hard lockdown, we are now left questioning every decision made

We’re Still Learning How to Process Grief in a Pandemic

it’s essential that we remember that our feelings are our own, and they should be felt without being compared to those of others. We need to forgive ourselves for the darkness when it arises from within us, and believe that it too will eventually end, no matter what caused it

South America Becomes “Epicentre” Of COVID-19 Pandemic – WHO

The World Health Organisation’s director for the Americas has warned that the coronavirus epidemic is accelerating in the region and it’s expected that Brazil’s death toll will reach 125,000 by early August. The Americas have swiftly taken over the rest of the world when it comes to confirmed infections in the global coronavirus pandemic, withContinue reading “South America Becomes “Epicentre” Of COVID-19 Pandemic – WHO”

The Story Behind Australia’s COVID-19 Success

Today, Australia has asked the UK for their citizens to be exempt from the UK’s policy to quarantine all international travellers, while they also opened schools around the country. And while this seems preposterous to many of us, how is it possible that they have moved on so fast from the COVID-19 outbreak?

Introducing: Post-Pandemic Sport

After weeks of waiting, sporting events around the world are trying to get the ball rolling again as lockdown restrictions are relaxed. There’s still need for caution, though. Like many other aspects of our lives, it’s likely that the way sporting events are organised will need to see a lot of long-term changes.

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